Leather & Thread options


  Buttero by Conceria Walpier

Conceria Walpier, is a world renowned tannery based in Tuscany, Italy started in the early 70’s and still run by the same family. 

 Buttero is a beautiful semi-gloss finished vegetable tanned leather. The tanning process highlights the subtle natural character of each hide. Creating amazingly smooth colors with the natural character still visible. Buttero starts off with a firm feel but with a little use begins to break in and soften as it develops a beautiful shine and patina.

Pueblo By Badalassi Carlo

 Badalassi Carlo, is a world renowned tannery based in Tuscany, Italy started in the 70’s. Known to be one of the top vegetable tanneries in the world.

Pueblo is unlike any other leather with its unique stone ground finish. The stone grind creates a matte suede like look and feel to start.  With use the suede like texture quickly fades away and the Pueblo begins to take on a more traditional vegetable look and feel. If you’re someone that likes patina and watching leather develope to tell the story of its use then Pueblo is for you!! 


Vinymo Thread

Vinymo MBT is a unique, bonded thread from Japan. Great for hand stitching. The vibrant colors add an awesome aesthetic highlighting the hand stitching on each wallet. I lightly hand wax each piece before stitching using natural beeswax.

These four are like the secret menu items. Contact me if you would like to use any of these in a build.